To embrace

Packaging Circularity

  • 20% (or more) less packaging material (in weight)
  • 50% of all plastic used to be of recycled content (in weight)
  • 100% of all packaging material: Reusable or Recyclable or Compostable
  • Offset through “collection and reuse” programs to reach 100% responsible disposal where recycling infrastructure not available.

Formula Circularity

  • 95%+ Renewable or Natural ingredients
  • 95%+ Biodegradable formulas*
  • 100% of new formulas will have lower environmental footprint, measured by life cycle analysis (LCA)

Investment in Regenerative Solutions

  • Invest $100 million (or more) in developing solutions, such as:

Biotechnology e.g. from waste to ingredients, plastics, etc
Regenerative agriculture in deforested areas to reduce
use of chemicals and create alternative to monocultures
Creation of revenue streams (new ingredients) that are
Renewable more economically attractive than deforestation

To address the
Climate Crisis
and protect the

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To defend
Human Rights
and be

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