To defend
Human Rights
and be

Our people

  • Gender balance: from 35% women on board/senior team to 50% by 2025
  • Equitable pay, closing the gender gap by 2023
  • Work towards 30% inclusion, in management, of under-represented groups: racial or ethnic, sexual diversity and gender identity (LGBTI), socio economically disadvantaged, physical or mental disability
  • Living wage (or above) for all by 2023

Our wider network

  • Measurable gains for consultants/representatives and sourcing communities (earnings, education, health and digital inclusion)
  • Increase investments in key causes by 20% to $600 million (communities, breast cancer awareness, domestic violence andeducation)
  • Promote our trusted and reliable model for the future of direct sales

Intolerance to Human rights infringement

  • Full traceability and/or certification for critical supply chains by 2025:

Palm Oil, Mica, Paper, Alcohol, Soy, Cotton.

  • Adopt robust Human Rights policy in line with UN Guiding Principles by 2023.

To address the
Climate Crisis
and protect the

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To embrace

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